What clients are saying about receiving treatment from Marie Tarentino, MSPT


“I feel more rejuvenated than I have in years.”

I met Marie in the capacity of physical therapist after a knee replacement and other ailments that required in-depth knowledge of the entire body.  Her knowledge goes beyond any physical therapist I’ve met.  This year, I tore my rotator cuff and have been seeing Marie in her area of expertise- Myofascial release and CranioSacral therapies.  In a short time, the pain in my shoulder decreased significantly.  I am at near normal range of motion and I feel more rejuvenated than I have in years.

I continue these sessions because I believe treatment of the entire body, mind and spirit translate to complete well-being.  Marie’s gentle, yet powerful healing touch which keeps the pain at a bare minimum and maintains my range of motion.  I look forward each week to these sessions as I’ve never felt so relaxed and am delighted with the diminishing pain.

~ Susan N. | Franklin, MA

My experience with Marie Tarentino as a physical therapist was exceptional!  She is a friendly, compassionate, and skilled physical therapist who is very committed to her patients.  Her approach to providing treatment is very comforting.  In addition to traditional physical therapy, Marie is very skilled in craniosacral therapy.  In her assessment of my needs and provision of craniosacral therapy, Marie was successful in reducing my back and hip pain as well as my daily headaches.  I always felt better after every treatment with Marie.  I highly recommend Marie for craniosacral therapy or any physical therapy!  

~Jimmy O. | Wrentham, MA


“.. therapeutic and healing touch.”

I’m 63 years old and started seeing Marie several years ago. I had torn my rotator cuff after years of being physically very active as both an athlete and a dancer. My Orthopedist recommended rehab versus surgery to restore the use of my shoulder.  Marie was magical. Not only was she extremely competent, she was warm, creative, and made the sometimes uncomfortable rehab process fun. She kept me involved and encouraged me to practice at home, giving me a full series of exercises to do (once I was sufficiently healed) in between therapy sessions. I always asked lots of questions. She would frequently bring out her myriad anatomy books to help me learn what was happening in my body and better understand our rehab goals.  After several months, I was discharged and returned to my normal activities, with more overall strength and adjustments to accommodate the injury.  Fast forward to the past year. I started providing home care for my aging mother and started to stress the opposite side from the day-to-day activities of personal care for my mom. A new referral and thanks to Marie, I have avoided another tear and have learned better ways to use my full body in this endeavor.

To say Marie is an amazing PT is truly an understatement. Her love and care for what she does and for her patients is evident all the time. I had previously seen other PT’s and none of them has had the therapeutic and healing touch Marie has.

I would recommend Marie to anyone…. both young and old.    

~ Anne B-L.| Wrentham, MA


Years ago when I first went to Marie for physical therapy, I knew from the touch of her hands, that she was a true healer.  She has a grounded, intuitive sense of what your body needs and wherever she directs her hands, your body unwinds, releases, is healed. It is like magic!

~ Pamela M. | Franklin, MA


…the pain and tension melt away”

After my bilateral mastectomy, I had a few visits with Marie.  I was very sore from the expanders and Marie offered to help before my reconstruction.  I was weak and had a limited range of motion.   Marie helped me to heal physically and emotionally.  She was easy to talk to and made me feel very comfortable in her office.  It was amazing how much better I felt physically after only a few visits. Her hands were like magic and I could feel the pain and tension melt away.   Not only did my posture improve, but so did my attitude.  Life is better when you feel good.  I would recommend anyone struggling with breast cancer to see Marie.  I am so glad that I did!

~ Kristen S. | Franklin, MA


“… a grounded, intuitive sense of what your body needs…”

Marie is an excellent physical therapist and a great person.  She is professional, friendly, compassionate, and knowledgeable and is committed to helping her clients.  She got me through my rehabilitation from total shoulder replacement surgery last year and is helping me now with my complicated cervical and lumbar spine problems. She has been doing a great job.  I would highly recommend her!

~Ann K. | Boston, MA

Treatment with Marie has made such a difference.  It is a very different approach, but really makes results. Each time I have a treatment, she makes it count and is truly working to get thru each of my layers.   She is a healing caregiver, with talent and compassion.  Along with being a wonderful person to be with.  So grateful to have her in my life!

~ Marybeth S. | Franklin, MA